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Roof Top Tents and Camping Gear for the Adventurer

“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.” – Edward Abbey

Roof Top Tents are a perfect solution for ease and comfort when over landing, going on a road trip or camping in general,  
Whatever adventure you decide on our roof top tents  are ready to make your life so much easier!

Lots of space and easy to set up. Off the ground away from mud, stones and small critters and bugs. The annex room is an ideal space for kids to escape bugs and sun in the summer or it can be used as an additional sleeping area. Also perfect space for your furry friends. We have used the annex room to escape the black flies on some days when they are relentless! 
For a simple effective alternate camping experience, make sure to try our roof top tents, the mattress and the annex room are included with the tent.

If you enjoy over landing or just general camping the roof top tent makes perfect sense.
We have had a custom made trailer which we use when we travel longer distances, so we can unhitch the tent and trailer and go sight seeing. 
Our roof top tents work well on almost any vehicle with the right roof racks. They can not only be installed on a roof of a vehicle but also on the box of a truck or trailer. 
Roof Top Tents are here to make your camping experience a breeze 

Now on to the fabulous Lavvu Tents, which are absolutely superb for winter camping. Not only can you buy a liner to insulate against the cold but you can use a wood stove inside the tent, no need to ever be cold again! Easy to set up too, snow falls right off so no accumulation! The Helsport stove is great too as it heats up really quickly, so no need for a cold damp experience! 

Don't limit your camping to summer get out and enjoy all the seasons in the Lavvu tent or the dome tent which is also a wood stove friendly tent with insulation and large enough to have the whole family together.
Ask us for any of the other Helsport Tents or products.

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