Camping Gear for the Adventurer!

Roof top tents are becoming very popular now, we have excellent pricing! 
Shipping is $100.00 to any major hub in Canada!

Lavvu Tents are superb for winter camping, not only can you buy a liner to insulate against the cold but you can use a wood stove inside the tent and no need to ever be cold again!!

Don't limit your camping to summer get out and enjoy all the seasons in this Lavvu tent. ask us for any of the other Helsport Tents or items too.

EcoZoom rocket Stoves,Frontier Stoves and Emberlit Stoves are all available here too.

Rocket Stove is ideal for power outages and general camping or cooking, the frontier Stove works well to keep you warm in a shed, a Lavvu tent or just good for general cooking too.

Emberlit is so light and so perfect for backpackers or anyone wanting a light portable stove. It works like a charm!