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Chinese Military Shovel


Authentic and original shovel model used by the Chinese Military 
An absolute must-have tool for any emergency situation. 
Comes with a carrying case. 
Shovel Colour: Army Green.
Measurements: 15.7” when folded, 23” when unfolded. Weight: 2.8 pounds. 
Materials: The shovel is axe-grade steel with a wooden handle

Take a look at these Chinese shovels in action .

The Original Chinese Military Shovel (model WJQ-308), with carrying case  

It was invented by a serviceman, who capitalized on his experiences. The inventor was engaged in two actual combats, he was wounded twice and was awarded eight times. 
Based on his combined experience of combat and training as well as his in-depth research on military & civil shovels, he added more than ten combat functions to a military shovel which helped the troops in field conditions during battles or drills.  The original shovel model used by the Chinese Military.

This 18-in-1 multi-functional tool is like a jumbo Swiss Army Knife!

Featured as #29 on The New York Times "Doomsday Preppers Guide."
It handles tasks with ease such as...digging, sawing, chopping, cutting, hammering, measuring, wire cutter and of course, shoveling.
It even comes with a bottle opener (arguably the coolest way to open a beer known to man).
The ultimate tool to have in your car, while camping, doing home repairs, and surviving the Zombie Apocalypse :-)
Wood handle with a grip carved into it and comes folded up in a handy pouch
The CWS locking system, on one side of the handle is a knob that works like a set screw. It fits into individual holes along the hinge. on the other side of the handle is a brass screw that has a ball detente in it so that when you open it up the set screw aligns with the holes that allow different functions