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Jikaro Firering Table


SKU ST-050
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 23 lbs (10.5 Kg)
Dimensions L 44" W 44" H 15.75" (1120 x 1120 x 400mm)
Size Stowed L 29" W 6.7" H 15.75" (745 x 170 x 400mm)
Contents Include Table and Nylon Case
Made In Japan

Coffee Percolator

This traditional stainless percolator is perfect for the large party. Making six cups of coffee at a time you can place this on your stove or over the fire for superb coffee any time any place.

SKU CS-270
Material Stainless Steel
Made In Japan


SKU CS-111
Material Titanium, Stainless Steel, Plastic
Weight 6.3 oz (200g)
Dimensions D 3.2" H 5.5" (82*140mm)
Contents Include Pot, Lid, Carry Bag, Plunger
Capacity 24 fl oz
Made In Japan


Snow Peaks Titanium French Press is the perfect way to enjoy great coffee while camping or backpacking without adding weight to your pack.

The Jikaro Table turns your Snow Peak fireplace into a dining table.  Gather around this innovative table and eat directly from the grill.  

Large Fireplace, Base Plate, Grill Bridge, Grill Net and Carrying Case

Pack &Carry Fireplace sustains the reputation as the industry’s most durable and well designed packable fireplace. is fireplace makes possible a campfire anywhere with an entire outdoor grill, serving as the foundation for amazing customization.
Now for the first time, Snow Peak is offering this definitive outdoor cooking collection as a kit.     

Pull the filter out of the percolator
Pour the coffee grounds into the filter
Put filter back in percolator then on stove
Boil water until water turns brown



SKU PR-006

Material 18-8 (0.7mm) Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Chromed Steel, Glass
Weight 28.9 oz (820g)
Dimensions D 4.5" H 7.5" (115*190mm)
Capacity 30.4oz
Made In Japan


The Classic Kettle 1.8 is Snow Peaks newest camping kettle. Made from durable Japanese stainless steel, the kettle features a sturdy handle and unique details such as a locking spout cover and hanger loop for easy pouring.

Snow Peak