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Reasons why you need a Wild Coast Roof Top Tent...

  •  Our mattress covers have vinyl on the bottom and sides to prevent wicking

  •  All models have upgraded aluminum diamond plate bases

  • We have 7 models of Roof Top Tents
     Big Sky, Outpost & 7Seas  being the largest approx size of King bed but longer
     SunDog X, Sandpiper & Firefly & 3 Oceans are approx size of queen bed except longer​

  •  Large Gear bags that can actually hold your shoes and gear

  •  Gear bags have rubber strips to prevent ladder from rubbing & damaging the base while travelling

  •  All our Roof Top Tents include an Annex room

  •  Our annex room has additional tie downs for bad weather and pegs holds by the door for easier access

  •  Annex extensions available for big lift vehicles.

  •  Vinyl window on all the tent overhang verandahs 

  •  Strap inside the tent to hold onto when climbing in and out of the tent 

  •  The larger models come with an extender bar for the annex to help prevent pooling in large downpours or accumulation of snow

  •  Bungee cord clips that do not pop open when packing up 

  • Roof top tent weight capacity is approx 200 LBS per person, so in a two man tent about 400LBS max and in our large tent max is 650LBS in total

  • The ladder weight per person maxes out at 320 LBS

  •  Always available and happy to answer calls, emails or texts And last but no means least, the best roof top tent for Canadians

  • Shop around compare model sizes & quality and you will see we have the best bang for your buck in Canada​

Reasons you should not buy our Roof top tents

  • To escape the bears?... nope those "critters" can climb :-)

  • To avoid attention, nope ..everyone loves checking out our roof top tents​

Roof Top Tents Canada -​We've got you covered!​

Shop around compare model sizes and quality & you will see that Wild Coast Tents Roof top tents have the best quality and price.

​​​Roof Top Tents have been around since about the 1950's, however the origin can be traced back to as early as the 30's. 
Check out the History page for more info and some cool old roof top tent photos.

Roof Top Tents can be best defined as easily raised and simply dismantled outdoor sleeping alternative.
Prefer to sleep in the comfort of a RV but not the expense?

The roof top tent is ideal. No bumpy uneven ground, no more worries about wet ground and dirty tents 
Better protection from little critters looking to share your tent. 

Benefits as the ideal lookout position for photography.
Travelling long distances? The roof top tent can be popped up in any location for a quick overnight stop.
Carry your bed with you! It makes perfect sense.

The advantages are fantastic however you choose to use your roof top tent! 
Great for 4WD and for those that like to go on expeditions. 
Roof tents are quick and easy to setup and quick and easy to take down irrespective of it being wet or dry since it is on the roof, it is much more secure than a standard tent and safeguards from wildlife and wet soggy or snowy conditions....Therefore cleaner and dryer than ground tent.
There is no need to carry individual bedding as all bedding remains inside the tent.

All our tents come with the Annex room so you have the option to use it or not. 
It's really nice to have a private place to stand up to change clothes, to climb up and down "indoors," to get in from the wind or rain, or just for storage of gear, even a super nice spot for your four legged friends. 

No blow up mattress More gas efficient than towing a trailer
Less storage space if you want to take it off for the winter months... or leave it on and go camping in winter.

 Better ventilation 
You can set up anywhere no need for campgrounds

Most roof top tents brought into North America are all manufactured in China, most of the manufacturers use the same factories for parts and fabrics so there is very little difference between the models for sale online, so it really just boils down to price and slight variations such as sky lights, gear bags and most importantly price!

Questions? we are happy to answer any you have - Email, Call ( 1 902 467 0250) or 
Text us ( 1 902 2472860)

All Wild Coast Tents roof top tents have Diamond Plate Aluminum Base and the Annex room included.