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Helsport Gear

Foot sacks 

Size: Medium (37 - 41) 330 gr.
Large (42 - 46) 430 gr.
X-large (47 - 50) 450 gr.  


Multiduk is a versatile new product from Helsport. Complete with poles, pegs and guy lines, the Multiduk can be used in numerous ways, for example as a sun shade, shelter, bivouac or wind block.

Use your own creativity to find new ways to use the Multiduk! 
Increase the possibilities with two Multiduks. Put together a larger shelter, a tent or even a lavvu for 4 to 6 people! guy lines, poles and multiple 
connection points make the possibilities nearly endless!

 -Waterproof Polyester PU, 3000 mm 
- Aluminium pole

LY Gapahuk 

The LY gapahuk comfortably accommodates from one to four people, depending on how wide or high it is put up. The width adjustment is done easily with the adjustable distance webbing. The rear height can be modified with guy lines or peg loops to suit different situations. The pitching is done with one single pole and the guy points have integrated guy line collectors with integrated peg loops. The guy lines can be used around natural objects like trees which makes the pitching easier. The LY Gapahuk is perfect for ultralight trips from spring through fall, or just a cover while having a break.
To improve the comfort while tenting the LY gapahuk can also be used as a cover over the tent entrance.
Persons 2-4
Weight (+/-10% incl. acces.)1,25 kg (Incl. pole)
- Pack bag with roll closure 
- Reflective moveable guy lines 
- Strong guy line points with guy line collectors 
- Guy line tensioners to be used around objects


The Helsport tarp is easy to use. It can be used as a shelter against rain or sun.Use the guy-lines and ex. trees or trekking poles to put it up.

Poles not included. 
Fabric: Polyester PU, 2000mm 


Holds 10 liters, designed so that it can be put down without water leaking out

Snow/Sandpeg 31CM (pack 8) 47g
Snow/Sandpeg 50CM (pack 8) 70g 


Fjellduk is a convenient multi-use product used in different ways depending on the situation and use. Whether you are surprised by extreme weather or light camping, the Helsport fjellduk will have a function.The hoody and arms are detachable and can be zipped off/on, depending on needs.
It can be partly used as a poncho, sleeping bag, wind sack and as a tarp.Fjellduk comes in different colors/patterns and thickness.
Helsport Fjellduk is delivered with a compression bag and red emergency flag.

Outer: Polyester PU, alu coating, 5000mm
Fill:     Themoguard 5000 (X-Trem)
Inner:  Polyamide Ripstop (X-Trem)

The Pro only has the outer fabric - Weight 575g
The X-Trem has the Outer Fabric, Fiber and the Inner Fabric, Weight 1500g
 -Detachable Hood
-Detachable Arms
-Join able Zipper
-Compression Bag & emergency Flag
-5000 mm water column

Smart Lifesaver - Mountain Fjellduk can be vital in hiking equipment but more important to keep the hunter warm.
It is big enough to cover a sleeping bag,
 Pro - Olive    
 Pro - Mountain, Forest, Orange
 X-Trem-- Mountain, Forest & Orange 

***Review on the Fjelduk Extreme*******

"I am very happy with my new Fjellduken Extreme. What an amazing piece of equipment! I am tempted to think that whoever designed it must have had a background in mathematics as the various zipper permutations which create the multiple possibilities  require a precise and active imagination as well as a practical bent. I am looking forward to taking it out to the woods. I suspect, because of its warmth, that I may have to use it as a blanket on warm nights but that’s no problem. "

'I am quite proud to own this product Thank you for your excellent service."

We offer all Helsport Products.
If we do not have it in stock it will take about 2-3 weeks.

LY Tarp

It can be used in any situation, from a quick lunch to a camp.With a strong and lightweight fabric, strong reflective guy lines and a creative use of trees and other natural elements, the tarp can be used in countless setups.
The LY Tarp is perfect for this type of use.With guy line tensioners designed to be used around objects, and quick attach movable guy lines, the tarp can easily be modified for any campsite. 
A strong siliconized fabric and reinforced guy points keep the weight down, while keeping the tarp strong and durable.
- Pack bag with roll closure
- Reflective moveable guy lines
- Strong guy line points with guy line collectors
-Guy line tensioners to be used around
-Outer fabric: Helsport Superlight 1000, 4000 mm
-Total weight including 8 pegs is 1.05K

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