G-Stove & Oven

Foldable legs:
The foldable legs on G-Stove is secured first time with screws and rapid clips that is supplied in the package, this allows the legs to easily be folded under the stove and takes up less space during transport and stands steady since the legs creates a squared surface when folded under the stove.

The legs are in two parts, one part on each side that allows the oven to be stable even on snow and is easy to place in uneven terrain.

Air vent:
Air vent in front is adjustable so you can easily switch to the desired effect/air intake to make the wood burn as fast or slow as you like.

The chimney is easy to place inside the oven, as well as 2 parts inside cooking stove.
On top of the chimney is a small chimney cap that makes the smoke spread evenly to all sides so there is no need to have the pipe completely

​out of the tent/tipi and stop any embers to destroy the tent, this also means that more heat stays inside tent/tipi while smoke seeping out.
Chimney sections are of different lengths that makes it easier to customize the height you want the stove/chimney depending on the tent/tipi you use.

Integrated cooking stove:
G-Stove has a  unique integrated cooking stove that gets heat from all sides when the heat goes around the stove under and over before it pulls out from the chimney in the back.
With this stove, you can easily cook the same way as at home just much faster, so if you want pizza, lasagna or cook the fish you just caught, this allows you to.
The cooking stove is very easy to use for all types of food in an efficient manner.

Carrying handle:
The side handles is made to never get warm so that you can carry the stove outside before it gets cold and then pack down the tent/tipi.
The handles can be folded upwards to be used as a plate/tray holder.
Fold the handles to the sides and use them to dry clothes, shoes, or just keep the food warm without boiling it more.
Under transport, the handles are folded down to the cooking plate to take less space.
Even though the stove is very lightweight the handles can be used to be carried by two person, one on each side.

Inside the stove there is two grates that can be taken out if you want to burn larger logs.
These grates are placed atop the stove during transport to make room for pipe sections.
The grates makes wood get more air and makes the wood effectively burned up and do not form large coal pieces, but makes it rather porous ash that can be easily scraped out under the grates with the accompanying ash scraper while the stove still is in use.
This allows you to empty G-Stove without having to wait until the stove cools down.

Ash Scraper:
G-Stove includes an ash scraper that fits under the grates and goes all the way to the rear, this allows you to easily scrape out all ashes under use, and G-stove then contain constant full power since there will always be more oxygen under the wood which gives more burning effect.

Stove door:
G-Stove has a removable door, so that you can take it off and simply grab the carrying handles and shake out any ash residues when packing down the stove without the risk of damaging door or air vent.

Product information:
Total Weight: 10 kg
Length: 39 cm
Height with pipe: 234 cm
Width: 22 cm
Handle length: 29 cm
Handle Width: 13.5 cm
Oven length: 22.5cm
Oven Width: 14 cm
Oven Height: 7 cm
Stove door Height: 16.5 cm
Stove door Width: 13.5 cm
Material: Corrosion treated stainless steel

If you have a large tent you can easily buy extra chimney pipesat


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G-Stove & Oven

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